About me

Nature has long been the inspiration for my artwork.  I am fascinated by the ever-changing natural world and awed by the broad spectrum of natural phenomena from the sublimely beautiful to the profoundly dangerous.  Nature stimulates my imagination and awakens my subconscious spirit. My creativity soars and finds expression in heavily textured sculptural canvases.


I strive to capture the light and dark contrasts of the visible world and the rhythms and patterns of invisible sound.  Sounds like the soft patter of rain in the garden, or a chorus of frogs at twilight.  Indeed, by becoming truly attentive to invisible sound, I have gained an appreciation for the true difference between passive hearing and active listening.  We live in a world of limitless wonder, but we need to open all of our senses to fully appreciate it.


When painting, I lose myself in the freedom of my art, a playful and inquisitive exploration of the natural world that knows no bounds.